2023 As If "CURIOSITY" Pét-Nat

2023 As If
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/ 750ml

Tasting Notes
"Curiosity" has an intense dark purplish-pink color, thanks mainly to the inky Petit Verdot. On the nose are crushed berries and jam, and a subtle blood-orange aroma. Creamy bubbles on the palate give way to lingonberry, maraschino cherry, Linzer-tart filling, and orange blossom. Fresh without being tart or too acidic; it begs for vanilla iced cream or fudge cake! Also pair with Chevre, poultry or pork dishes, or desserts like cheesecakes, white chocolate, milk chocolate, or panna cotta.

Both the Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc were picked nearly ripe enough for red wine in order to attain a deep color for this rosé sparkling, but soon enough to maintain a refreshing acidity. The fruit was crushed, and pressed together for a co-fermentation at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks. Just before the fermentation was complete, the wine was chilled to halt the ferment, then settled and racked for bottling. The newly bottled wine was allowed to warm up to re-commence and complete its ferment in bottle.

80% Petit Verdot, 20% Cabernet Franc


Wine Specs
North Fork of Long Island
Alcohol %